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CTW003 Aquatic Personal Training Certification with Tutorial Include the following files

DVD017 - Personal Training/Sports Conditioning H20 Assessments (ED)
DVD018 - Personal Trainer Foam Weights (WO)
DVD019 - Personal Trainer Posture Analysis (ED)
DVD020 - Personal Trainer Equipment Analysis + Inventory (ED)
DVD030 - Sports Conditioning Workout (WO)
DVD031 - Beginner Workout (WO)
DVD086 - Mariannes Program Power Point Tutorial Part 1
DVD086- Marianne Program live video for Aquatic Personal Trainer Part 2
DVD087 Assessments for Aquatic Personal Trainers Power Point Tutorial
DVD088-Aquatic Personal Trainer Program Tutorial part 1
DVD088-Aquatic Personal Trainer Tutorial Part 2

User Guide List

CTW003-WelcomeTotal Pages:13
CTW003-Chapter 1 - Aquatic Personal TrainingTotal Pages:10
CTW003-Chapter 2 - What Personal Trainer NeedsTotal Pages:7
CTW003-Chapter 3 - Structure of the Human BodyTotal Pages:28
CTW003-Chapter 4 - WaterART Exercise DesignTotal Pages:21
CTW003-Chapter 5 - Exercise BlueprintTotal Pages:10
CTW003-Chapter 6 - Cardiovascular TrainingTotal Pages:13
CTW003-Chapter 7 - Posture & BalanceTotal Pages:110
CTW003-Chapter 8 - MusclesTotal Pages:65
CTW003-Chapter 9 - FlexibilityTotal Pages:4
CTW003-Chapter 10 - AssessmentsTotal Pages:54
CTW003-Chapter 11 - Program ConditionsTotal Pages:20
CTW003-Chapter 12 - Program IdeasTotal Pages:19
CTW003-Chapter 13 - GlossaryTotal Pages:10
CTW003- Chapter 13 - Program SupervisionTotal Pages:5
CTW003-Chapter 14 - Business BasicsTotal Pages:22
CTW003-Chapter 15 - ResourcesTotal Pages:12
CTW003-Chapter 15 Professional ResourcesTotal Pages:7
CTW003-Reference & ResourcesTotal Pages:3
CTW003-Study Guide Q & ATotal Pages:5
CTW003-Chapter 19 - Case StudiesTotal Pages:6
CTW003-Reference Card for Anatomy BannerTotal Pages:1
CTW003-Reference Card for Better Back ProgramTotal Pages:2
CTW003-Reference Card for Personal Training ProgramTotal Pages:2
CTW003-Reference Card for WaterART SystemTotal Pages:2
CTW003-Reference Card for DVD018 Foam WeightsTotal Pages:2
CTW003-Reference Card for DVD030-Sample Sports Conditioning ProgramTotal Pages:2
CTW003-Reference Card for DVD031 Beginner Workout CardTotal Pages:2
CTW003-Theory ExamTotal Pages:8
CTW003- Fast Track Case Study PaperworkTotal Pages:18
CTW003-Practical Case Study Video /USB Stick submission infoTotal Pages:4
CTW003- Practical Exam with Master Trainer infoTotal Pages:4
User Guide Toal pages:491
Ship Hard Copy Materials Fee:$425.00
One Time Streaming And Ship Hardcopy Price:$499.00
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